Baby Girls Hair Clips Glitter Small Mini Snap Hair Clip Little Girls Babies Clip (3cm / 1.18" length)


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  • Essential hair holding aid
  • 3cm / 1.18" in length
  • Variety of colour options available
  • Ideal for babies, toddlers and little girls


Available in 22 options:

 12x Floral Red & White  (Printed Enamel)

12x Black  (Epoxy coated)

12x Tort  (Epoxy coated)

12x Gold  (Anodised Metal)

12x Star shape (Printed Enamel)

12x Glitter Stars (Glitter covered)

12x Glitter Pink (Glitter covered)

12x Spotty Brights  (Epoxy coated)

12x Glitter Butterflies (Glitter covered)

12x Tort Flower Shape  (Epoxy coated)

12x Black Flower Shape  (Epoxy coated)

12x Black Butterflies Shape  (Epoxy coated)

12x Black Star Shape  (Epoxy coated)

12x Tort Star Shape  (Epoxy coated)

16x Glitter Pastel (Glitter covered)

24x Brights (Metallic Effect covered)

24x Tortoiseshell (Epoxy coated)

24x Glitter Pastel (Glitter covered)

24x Bright Colours (Epoxy coated)

24x Floral Pastel (Epoxy coated)

24x School (Epoxy coated)

24x Pink Purple Tones (Epoxy coated)