Baby Hair Ties Seamless Small Elastic 100pc Hair Ponios Ponytail Holders Hair Bands Hair Bobbles For Baby, Kids, Girls, Toddler, Children


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Coming with 100pcs, these cute, tiny, small little hair ponios are perfect for baby, toddler, kids and girls. Our small elastic hair ponios come in a variety of colours, choose from white, black, bright tones, brown tones, pink & pastel tones. Measuring just 2cm/ 0.8" approx in diameter, 0,.5cm / 0,2" in width, the colourful hair bobbles are ideal for little ones hair whether they want to hold a ponytail up, have two ponytails or braid their hair. Plus, each one of our hair bobbles is snag free, has no metal and is seamless, making them safe for use should you decide to put them in your baby or toddlers hair. Each hair ponio has good elastic so it can stretch out too to suit most hairstyles whilst they are durable and lightweight, making them perfect for baby, toddler, kids and girls. With 6 colours to choose from, your kids can match them with their latest outfit should they be going to school, party or a formal occasion and with over 100pcs you will never run out of hair bobbles. Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.