1920s vintage style Flapper Headband with Feathers for Women


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Are you looking for a light or medium duty hair band with style? Need something to match your Great Gatsby getup? Perhaps you're after hair accessories with a 1920s look?

This headband for women is perfect for any occasion, but it excels with a matching outfit. Our beautifully designed headbands are an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Be it fancy dress or a special occasion, these bands match wonderfully with a feather boa, jewelry or gloves.

Designed using a black, double-woven fabric elastic band with sequins circling all the way around the outside. Shining oval stone and matching feathers decorate the front.

These women's hair bands are ideally sized for adult women and teenagers. They also fit on a hair mannequin head! Perhaps you're shopping for a fancy dress party, or special occasion? Then these 1920s hair accessories are for you.

While recommended for adults, also fits older children. Our products match all hair types! 
Adult/teenage hair bands.

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