1cm Wide Headband Multipack, Various Designs & Styles For Girls, Ladies, Unisex Adults & Unisex Kids Hair


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Are you looking for some good quality Alice bands for your little ones? We have a wide variety of different comfortable sets and styles perfect for children and adults.

Built for comfort, our adorable fabric covered hair band designs are made to be used day to day, making them a perfect, simple accessory for school kids. We all know how irritating it can be when your hair gets in the way of fun, with our easy-to-use Alice bands, you can eliminate this problem for your children by simply tucking away those pesky fly-away hairs as well as looking stylish and adorable.

Aliceband core measures 1cm / 0.39 Inches thick.

The thin band is ideal for kids due to its lightweight nature, it's hardly noticeable. However, that doesn't mean they aren't limited to children. As previously mentioned, we have plenty designs that work with almost any outfit, from floral patterns to solid block colours, we have something for everyone!

We also have a wide selection of different fabrics, from silky satin and cute cotton to even soft fluffy velvet designs.

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