Topkids Accessories 2x 6cm/2.4" Small Mini Hair Claw Clips Hair Clips Women Clips for Hair Claw Grip Hair Clip Hair Claws Hair Claw Clip for All Hair Types Thick and Fine Hair 2pc


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Topkids Accessories Hair Claw Clips are simply the best quality Claw Clips available anywhere in the world. This Claw Clip is less likely to break than a lower quality Claw Clip. You can trust Topkids Accessories as one of the leading Hair Styling Accessories brands in the UK, with a long history of sales to countries all around the world. These Small Hair Claw Clips are approx. 6cm/2.4" long, and are suitable for Thick Hair and Fine Hair. They are available for sale in packs of 2 Black or 2 Tort Brown colours, or as a pack of 2 assorted colours in Black and Tort Brown. These Small Hair Claws will keep your hair in place and looking elegant and stylish, whether you have thick hair or fine hair. Beware of cheaper, low quality Hair Claw Clips - these Small Claw Clips are high quality Sausage Claw Clips for all hair types. They last longer than cheaper brands and are in stock in the UK for fast expedited delivery direct to you, whether you live in the UK or overseas. We sell only the best Hair Styling Accessories - Top Quality Accessories by Topkids Accessories.