3pcs Unisex Headbands & Wrist Sweatbands for Exercise Set, Colourful Headbands & Sweatbands for Adults & Kids Sports Bands, Fitness Accessories


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Looking for sweatbands that add spice to your gym look? Well, we have the accessory for you! With our super colourful sweatbands, you won't even notice these wristbands are on you until you need it. Super absorbent and breathable, these sweatbands are essential for any workout routine or run. State of the art printing techniques have been used to prevent running or fading no matter the weather or how much you sweat. The high-end elastic lining guarantees a perfect fit for wrists of any size without the worry of slipping, digging or rubbing so you can stay comfortable through any workout. The perfect gift for the special gym rat, hiking enthusiast or exercise queen in your life. Not only that, but they would also make the perfect accessory for raves or an 80s disco costume. We have a massive selection of other sweatbands in a variety of colours and patterns as well as gummy wristbands, scrunchies, bangles and whatever else you may need to add some colour to your look. Top quality products by Topkids Accessories.