Flexi Comb Flexiband Headband - Set of 3 - Anti Snap, Durable Spider Hairband Grip Circle Headbands Zig-zag Headband Stretch Hair Comb


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These full circular flexi comb flexiband headbands are available as a set of 3 in several different elegant colours these being black, clear, brown, tort brow, neon fuchsia pink, neon green, neon orange & neon yellow hairbands. These hairbands are perfect should you want to tie your hair back when playing sport allowing you to concentrate on the sporting activity and not have hair flying in your face or simply if you want to wear them for fashion. Measuring 11.5cm / 4.5" approx in diameter, the easy to use plastic circular flexi comb hairband has strong shark teeth measuring 3cm / 1.2" approx to keep it in place in your hair. With an easy to open clip, the flexi shark comb can be placed in your hair with ease in order to grip your hair, causing you no discomfort. Suitable for men, women, boys & girls this flexi comb remains on trend and in fashion whilst giving your hair a boost in dimension. The full circular hair comb works nicely to an ordinary headband, easily clipping, sliding and opening out into your hair. Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.