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We have a huge selection of hair bandeau headbands for you to choose from. Choose from our polka dot spotted headbands, our 100% cotton floral headbands, our paisley printed hairbands, our leopard print hair bandeau or our striped poplin fabric link bandeau, plus much more. Each package comes in a number of pieces and each bandeau headband measures differently, please ensure you read the full description carefully to ensure you are getting the correct product. Some of the bandeau headbands come with a knotted link design at the front or a bow, some of the bows have wire inside allowing you to bend them, customising how they & you look. Use the bandeau headbands to match with your latest fashion outfit or alternatively wear them when playing sport, attending a party, concert or wedding party. Each and every one of our hair head bands remains comfortable to wear, whether you are having a bad hair day or not. Why not treat a friend or family member to one of our bandeau headbands too, they make ideal gifts. These are Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.