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Looking to scare someone this Halloween? Our Halloween masks are ideal for this whilst make great fancy dress Halloween masks for Halloween parties, cosplay or carnivals. We have a variety of different Halloween masks for adults to choose from, our first two come on frayed material, the first black Halloween mask has a creepily looking skeleton hand in the corner with blood dripping down the Halloween mask. If you are scared of spiders, look away now, our second Halloween mask comes with burgundy frayed material and has a spider in the corner with blood once again dripping down the mask. The spider mask has a clever cobweb effect on the mask too. Our next mask is a bat mask, if you are looking for a bat eye mask then this is the mask for you. Each mask measures differently, please read the full bullet points to ensure you are buying the correct product. Whether you are going to a Halloween masquerade ball and looking for a half face Halloween mask or attending a cosplay event or carnival, our Halloween masks are the perfect thing to wear. Each one of our Halloween masks fits one size and comes attached either by two ribbon ties or an elasticated band. We at Topkids Accessories ensure these are Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.