Imitation Silk Scarf, Scarves for Women & Children Plain & Patterned Head Scarf, Neckerchief, Faux Silk Squares for Ladies & Men, Sleep Bandana


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Topkids Accessories

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Looking for a special gift for a special someone? Interested in the perfect multi-functioning womens accessory? Well, you found it! Our imitation silk scarves are the most perfect & chic multi-purpose addition to your closet, they can be used as a headband, decoration on other accessories such as bags and hats, as a wristband or even a belt. At Topkids Accessories, we are proud to say that these silky square scarves are suitable for all hair-types. However, they are absolutely perfect for any curly hair girlies who are looking for that extra bit of frizz protection while sleeping. Our adorable imitation silk scarves would make a wonderful gift for your bestie or even as a silk wedding anniversary gift! They are made from 100% polyester & are an incredible quality, so smooth & beautiful. We also have a wide variety of colours and styles for you to mix and match. From elegant block colours to leopard print and geometric patterns, there is plenty to choose from. Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.