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Our range of paisley bandanas includes these square frame border paisley designs, available in a wide range of colours including neon and two tone colours. Paisley is such a classic design, always timeless and never out of style! And we have every colour you need to go with all your wardrobe outfits. Our range includes neon accessories for those that like it bright, and two tone bandanas for women and men for an alternative bandana headband. So why not buy several of our bandanas for all your fashion needs? We have so many colours available, you are spoilt for choice! All of these bandanas look great worn on the head as a hair band, around the neck as a neckerchief, or over the mouth and nose as a face mask. You never know when you'll need a face mask at short notice, so accessorize your hair or neck with one of our bandanas and you'll always have a face mask available! Men, women and even dogs love these bandanas - they look stylish whoever wears them. These are Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.