Pocket Mirror for Women and Girls, Hand Held Mirror, Vanity Mirror, Travelling Essentials, Travel Makeup Mirror, Compact Mirror, Magnifying Mirror


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Are you looking for a small mirror for travel? Perhaps a magnifying mirror with a compact design? A simple handbag mirror so you can fix your make up while out and about? Look no further!
Our compact hand mirror for Women and Girls is one of the staple travel essentials for many Women, but can work in any scenario! Our beautifully designed face mirror is an excellent addition to any handbag! Be it everyday use or a special occasion, these travel minis are for you!
Plastic frame, two separate mirrors, one with magnifying glass of 2x.
Designed to be held in one hand, and fit in any handbag. Can come in several designs including square and round mirror(s).
Suitable for all ages, but recommended for 6+.
Pocket mirror / Hand mirror / Travel mirror / Makeup mirror / Compact magnified mirror for Girls and Women.
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