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These Topkids Accessories Snap Hair Clips are perfect fashion accessories for young girls and ladies / women alike. Easy to fix to your hair with a click clack action, these essential hair grips will keep your hair in place securely, while you simply stay looking great! These high quality snap clips are available in range of colours including School Uniform colours. They are great to have at home or in your handbag in various colours to match different outfits, so why not buy several colours? They also make great stocking fillers or gifts all year round for birthdays or other special occasions, or just as an ad-hoc gift to make someone feel special! Every girl and women needs some of these snap hair clips whatever their age, and you know that by buying Topkids Accessories you are buying a Quality Product that will last, unlike cheaper brands. We have a wide variety of Hair Cips in different sizes and colours, so please look at the other listings in our store to see all our Hair Accessories. Buy with confidence - these are Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.