Topkids Accessories Super Fluffy Faux Fur Scrunchie, Medium Size Scrunchie for Thick & Thin Hair for Women & Girls, Pretty Hair, Hair Tie, Hair Bobbles, Fluffy Scrunchies, Ponytail Holder


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Looking for something different and unique to accessorise with? Why not take a look at our super fluffy hair scrunchies? Our seriously soft faux fur fabric hair bands are ideal for pet lovers who want a little bit of fuz to follow around with them, whether it is for comfort or style, our hair ties do both! With a variety of colours to choose from you are bound to find something you will like. These hair bands would make the absolute perfect birthday gift, so if by any chance you do not like any of these beautifully crafted hair bobbles, there are plenty options for your loved ones. Not only that but, here at Topkids Accessories, we are proud to say that all of our hair products are suitable for all hair types and are made to last. They are made from incredibly high-quality materials and are designed to hold in even the thickest & thinnest of hair. These hair scrunchies are a standard size and are therefore suitable for adults and children. With so many colours to choose from, why not give mixing and matching a go? For you & your little ones or even as party favours in party bags, these wonderful scrunchies are not just cute but they have plenty of purposes. Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.