Wig Cap Nude Wig Cap Black Wig Caps Bald Wig Cap Stretchy Nylon Wigs Cap Costume Cosplay Stocking Wig Cap For Women, Girls, Ladies, Men - Pack of 2


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Acting in a pantomime as the dame or dressing up as your favourite character for cosplay? These wig caps are the ideal hair accessory to cover up your existing hair and give you a new baldcap you can wear a wig over whilst keeping your wig in place. The stretchy, nylon material suits most hairstyles as it will stretch to cover up your hair and fit most hairstyles whether it be thick, thin or curly. The stocking wig cap comes in a pack of 2, you have a choice of two colours, nude or black. Nude wig caps are recommended for people of white skin tone whilst the black wig caps are ideal for use by someone of black skin tone. Whatever wig you're planning on wearing, these wig caps are suitable for women, girls, ladies & men should they be wearing a wig or simply wanting to wear a bald wig cap due to a medical condition. The thin, nylon material makes the wig cap comfortable to wear, breathable and lightweight on your scalp so should you be acting in a hot environment the wig cap will remain comforting. Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.