12 piece Hair Twist Spiral Pins in 60 and 75 mm lengths


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Topkids Accessories

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Topkids Accessories 12pc Hair Twist Spiral Pins, Spiral Hair Clip, Spin Clip.

Solid Metal Paint Coated Hair Pin, Robust Hair Styling, Hair Retention Gold Hair Accessories. Made of durable alloy metal, applied for a long lasting time and plating metal is not easy to fade.

Suitable for All Ages, All Occasions, All Styles, Give Good Hold, Great Hair Pins for Buns.

Available in both 60mm short or 75mm long variaties.

Way to apply: easy to apply without other tools, just spin the hair pin clockwise into any hairstyle; And twist the pin counterclockwise to * your hair without pulling your hair gems.
1. Bunch your grasping hair and twist into a tight circle.
2. Pick up the pin, twist clockwise into you style; For a secure hold, twist the pin deep into and catch the hair.
3. Then finish the good simple hair style; Similar steps to make other DIY hair styles.

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