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Are you looking for a different way to style your hair? A more traditional approach to the classic Chignon hair bun? Don't want to use a vintage chignon hair stick because it's too heavy? Look no further!
This French style Chignon stick / hair pin for long hair is perfect for keeping a French hair bun in place the original way, without the weight of a solid metal hair pin! Our beautifully designed chopsticks for hair are an excellent addition to any accessories drawer! Be it everyday use, hairdressing, or a special occasion, this stick pair goes wonderfully with matching jewellery and other hair accessories!
Designed using plastic to relieve weight stress, coated with black paint.
These women's hair pins are ideally sized for adult women, older kids and teenagers. They also fit on a hairdressing head mannequin for practice! Look no further for the latest additions to your collection, as these hair accessories are for you!
While recommended for adults, also fits older children and teens. Our products match all hair types!
Adult/teenage Chignon hair pins for women and girls.
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