9cm/3.5" Hair Claw Clips for Women and Girls, Hair Clips Women Hair Claws Hair Accessories for Women Large Claw Clip Hair Clips for Girls


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Are you looking for a quality hair clip with style? Running out of hair claws? Perhaps you really need some hair styling tools? Or maybe you just want some new hair accessories!
These hair claw clips are perfect for any occasion, but excel with a matching outfit! Our beautifully designed clips are an excellent addition to any accessories drawer! Be it everyday use, hairdressing, or a special occasion, these claws match wonderfully with jewellery and other hair accessories! With many options to choose from, you're likely to find one matching your hair colour!
These womens hair clips are ideally sized for adult women, but also fit kids. They also fit on a hairdressing head mannequin! Look no further for the latest additions to your collection, as these hair accessories are for you!
While recommended for adults, also fits older kids and teens. Our products match all hair types!
Hair Claws / hair clips / claw clips for Women, Girls & Teens.
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