Angel Wings Fairy Butterfly Pixie Tinkerbell Fancy Dress Outfit Girls Dressing Up Costume Baby Toddler Kids Childs Small Tiny Mini Toy Fairywings Set Glitter


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  • 1x Small Kids Angel Fairy Butterfly Wings
  • Approx. 27cm/10.6" wide x 24 cm/9.4" high
  • Wings are made from net fabric with Glitter Swirl Decorations
  • Colour-matched elastics to attach to arms / shoulders

These small angel / fairy / pixie / tinkerbell wings are ideal dressing up accessories for kids. They will love the range of bright colours and glittery swirls of these perfect party pieces, suitable for fancy dress parties as well as simply having fun at home with different outfits and costumes.

These small wings are also suitable for dressing up your baby for photoshoots.

They measure approx. 27cm/10.6inches wide x 24 cm/9.4" high except the pink wings with a metallic pink heart shape at the centre, which are approx. 32cm/12.6inches wide x 26cm/10.2" high, the white wings with glitter stars, which are approx. 36cm/14" wide x 28cm/11" high, the white wings with glitter dots, which are approx. 33cm/13" wide x 26cm/10" high, and the larger rainbow wings which are approx. 42cm/16.4" wide x 34cm/13.4" high.

They have colour-matched elastic loops so your kids can attach these to their arms easily when they want to dress up and taking them off is simple as well. Why not buy a range of colours to match all your children outfits? They are perfect for role-playing games as well as a colourful finishing touch to your childs outfit if they are going out on a play date, going to a fancy dress party or just want a little something extra to make themselves as pretty as a butterfly!

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