Large Fairy Wings for Adults and Big Kids, Tinkerbell Costume, Adult Angel Wings, Fairy Wings Kids, Angel Wings Kids Butterfly Costume, Tooth Fairy Costume


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Is your child looking for some dress up with extra style? Need some fairy wings that just slip on? Perhaps something for an upcoming play? Or maybe they're obsessed with fairies!
These large fairy wings are dazzling on their own, but they work amazingly if you have a matching look! Our beautifully designed pixie wings are an excellent addition to any kids fancy dress outfit, and the best part is: no fuss!
Designed using a flexible, plastic frame, and lined with a stretchy fabric.
These angel wings are ideally sized for adults and older kids. They also come fitted with stretchy straps to go over the shoulders! Look no further for the latest additions to your angel costume, as these are for you!
While recommended for adults, can fit older kids.
Fairy / Angel / Butterfly wings. Comes in various colours, adult size.
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