Cute, Ditsy, Thick Band Bohemian Style Women's & Girls Floral Patterned Fabric Headband Set, Multiple Coloured Flowery Pack


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Looking for the perfect accessory to make your outfit more exciting? Then try adding some of our adorable fabric alice bands to your collection. They are the most gorgeous, dainty, soft head bands that can be paired with endless looks and outfits. If you're looking for elegant and beautiful, simple and effective, these are the hair bands for you. Although, these headpieces aren't just gorgeous, they are also reliable and long-lasting and designed to adapt to all occasions. The contrasting colours within each of these headbands make them compatible with all hair types and colours. All our floral packs contain a variety of pastel and vibrant colours in beautiful flowered patterns, ideal for, but not limited to ladies & girls. As previously mentioned, these headbands have a variety of floral patterns; including poppies, sunflowers, lilies, and other flowers & leaves. These would be the perfect gift for a young girl or even as an addition to a flower girl's wedding outfit. Furthermore our headbands are built to last! From everyday wear at school or work, to an exciting, busy night out - these headbands will never fail to please