Gingham Hair Scrunchies Gingham School Scrunchie Set Girls Hair Bands School Uniform School Hair Accessories Scrunchie For Girls, Women, Ladies - Pack of 3


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These gingham scrunchies come in a pack of 3 or 6. Measuring 10cm / 4" approx in diameter, 4cm / 1.5" approx in width, the gingham hair accessories are ideal should you want to match them with a school uniform as they come in a variety of colours including baby pink, purple, royal blue, bottle green, red, yellow, navy blue, black & baby blue gingham school scrunchies. Alternatively, choose from a pack of 6 scrunchies with the colours sage green, sea blue, dusky pink, yellow, black & red. As well as school, the hair scrunchies are suitable for holding hair back or holding a ponytail up at work, at the gym or whilst you're cooking at home. Each scrunchie has a super soft feel to it, making them comfortable when placed in your hair, plus they are snag free too as they won't pull on your hair. These gingham hair scrunchies are the number one girls school hair accessory as they'll not just match your hair with your school uniform, they'll make girls, women and ladies stand out from the crowd with the unique gingham design. Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.