Knitted Hippy Elastic Headbands for Women & Girls, 70s Party Flower Power Stretchy Headband, Colourful Crocheted Daisy Crown Headband for Ladies


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Topkids Accessories

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Here at Topkids Accessories we have these absolutely unique stretchy elastic headbands, they are all perfect for so many occasions such as school, work, a 70s party and even birthday parties. We have beaded headband jewellery perfect for Halloween costumes, with many different colours & fabrics to choose from or more natural elastic headbands that are more suitable for work or even school! Whether youre looking for a glamorous gift or a practical one we have both. Every headband is designed with perfection in mind, every bead & braid is made with high quality materials & are built to last meaning you don't have to worry about wear and tear. With so many styles to choose from, So, if youre looking to treat yourself or someone you love then you're guaranteed to find something you'll love! Not only that, but they are also made with comfort in mind, which is especially nice for sensitive children and younger girls, making them an ideal gift for girls. Their stretchy elastic design means they are suitable for adults & kids. At Topkids Accessories we are proud to say that all of our hair accessories are suitable for all hair types. Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.