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These U Shape Hair Pins are just what you need to hold your hair bun in place. Whether you want hair bun pins for an every day hair bun, or perhaps for a special occasion, or for a ballet bun - you need these hairpins in your life to keep your bun looking immaculate. Suitable for women and older girls, or for men who wear their hair in a bun, these hairdressing accessories are essential hair clips to keep at home and in your handbag to keep your hair looking great throughout the day. Like Bobby Pins / Kirby Grips, these U Pins have a wavy appearance to grip your hair and keep it in place, whether you have thick or fine hair. Our U Pins come in three sizes. from Small 45mm hair clips, through medium size 50mm hair pins, to Large 65mm hairpins. We have three colours available - Brown, Blonde Gold and Black to match your hair colour or whichever you prefer. And because these are Topkids Accessories, you know that you are buying Top Quality hair products - these are Top Quality Products by Topkids Accessories.